What can you buy with V bucks. Your purchase options with V Bucks depends on which game mode you’re playing. On Battle Royale, you can buy skins, emotes, back bling, pickaxes, or weapon wraps. These items are purely cosmetic, however, and will not increase your gameplay. They are just to do cool dances with your friends or get skins that match each other. You can also buy music discs that play in your lobby. On Save the World, V Bucks are used when purchasing things like skins, weapon schematics, llamas, etc. On Save the World, V Bucks can be used to enhance your gaming experience because you can buy crafting items to make your weapons better. You can also purchase better weapons. On Battle Royale, V Bucks are purely cosmetic because you don’t keep any of your weapons. With Save the World, however, you do keep your weapon schematics so the more you upgrade, the better your weapons are, the quicker you eliminate zombies. When playing Save the World, there are often events in which you earn tickets or gold that go towards survivors, heroes, mechanics, schematics, or weapons themselves. You can use V Bucks to buy these tickets and purchase these items. You can level up higher rarity weapons so that you’re stronger in the game, which can improve your gameplay and experience.