There’s a bit of a myth about magazines right now. That myth is that modern technology has completely changed the way we read magazines. Long gone are the days when an adorable kid would go door to door asking “Would you like a southern living magazine subscription? What about a people magazine subscription?” for fundraising purposes. It’s rare for people to head a magazine store with the specific purpose of picking up a hard copy of magazines. The truth is that print magazines are still pretty popular. Relaxing with a magazine is a stress free kind of joy. Magazines have also  moved to online formats to better reach out to readers, but are still easily available to those who enjoy the dazzling photos and interesting articles. Whether you enjoy magazines on a tablet/computer or opening up some fresh print, you want to make sure you get the best content from the best sources.

Information. There are a huge variety of magazines out there. If there’s a topic, there’s been a magazine created to entertain and educate about that topic. Whether you’re looking for business magazines, sports magazines, entertainment gossip or a home magazine, your interests are covered. Not all magazines are created equal. Thanks to the online platform, almost anyone can start their own magazine if they produce enough content and have some editing skills. Does that match what the great journalists have done through the years at the biggest and most important magazines? Probably not. But no matter what you’re interested in, you’ll find it in some of the following magazine subscriptions.