Some people who actually cook can get by with a sauce pot and one frying pan, but folks who are serious about cooking need a good set of pots and pans for their kitchen. This is because cooking is a science as well as a skill and a pleasure. Some dishes are best made in shallow pans while others need deep pots. Some cookware is made for frying, sautéing or baking. If the cook has induction cooktop, there are some types of materials that it won’t heat. Here are some of the pots and pans that are needed for a well-stocked kitchen. 

Types of pots and pans. Sauce pans come in a variety of sizes and are good for heating soups, sauces and even boiling water when a kettle is not available. Every kitchen must have at least one good, cast iron frying pan or skillet. Like saucepans, they come in several sizes. The Dutch oven is a large, lidded pot that’s just the thing for slow-cooking pot roasts and rather tough cuts of meat. A tall, 8 quart stock pot is good for not only making stock but for making pasta and stews. Some people believe a sauté pan is just a fancy version of a frying pan, though the sides of a frying pan are sloped while those of a sauté pan are straight. This gives the pan more of a surface area, so it’s good for reducing sauces and giving meat a good sear.