There’s a lot of simple household tasks which may not occupy a large amount of our mind. When it comes to laundry, all most people want is for it to be over. Taking a little bit of time and thought can have your skin thank you. Laundry detergents obviously rub off on the clothing they clean. Many may contain harmful chemicals which can irritate the skin and potentially cause rashes. Detergent liquids and powders also can carry a large amount of scent. Most of the time this is pleasing to the nose. Sometimes a scent doesn’t carry over though.

Detergent ingredients. When people talk about cleaning ingredients in detergent, they are often being slightly misnamed. It isn’t the ingredients within detergent that actually cleans clothing. It’s actually the water. Cleaning ingredients instead work to remove the grease and other molecules that are keeping dirt stuck to the clothing. There are several different ingredients which can be included in detergents. Many can contain ingredients like citric acid or borax. Common detergents tend to have multiple ingredients which work to lift the dirt and grease off of the clothing to let the water do the work. Each ingredient tends to be good against one or a few of the things that can stick to clothing. The best brands find a way to perfectly mix together ingredients and get the best clean.