Intermittent dieting, also known as intermittent fasting, is a term that many have heard of in the world of bodybuilding. With dieting, anyone will know that there is always a goal that the person has in mind to achieve. The same applies to intermittent fasting. Before taking it on, it is best to figure out what your goals are. Every dieting method will have a different result. That is something that all health conscious people know, which is why not every diet is going to be a one-size-fits all solution for everyone. In this short guide, we will go over different aspects of intermittent fasting, so you can make a more informed decision on whether or not it is the answer to your health needs.

What is it? Intermittent fasting has a number of methods, but the main thing that these different methods all have in common, in order to be placed in the category of this specific type of diet, is eating only a limited amount of meals and fasting for a certain period of time until the next meal. A good example of this specific fasting method is skipping breakfast and eating only two meals a day, one around noon or 1:00 pm, and the next meal around 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm. Then, waiting a specific amount of time for the next meal (16 hours, as demonstration) is an example of this.