Losing your TV remote is awful and it makes it so difficult to sit back and enjoy quality TV time. People have become accustomed to being able to switch between multiple channels or devices with ease. Losing this ability feels like torture. There are a few ways to fix this problem. You can purchase a universal remote and many smartphones can be used as a TV remote with the right app. This will teach you how to program your universal remote, use your phone as a remote and where to find codes for your specific TV. It will only take a few minutes until you’re back to relaxing and enjoying your TV time. 

Where to find remote codes for your TV. There are several ways to find the remote code for your TV. You must first know the brand of your TV as this will tell which code to look for. Each universal remote manufacturer uses different codes, so the code for one remote may not work on another. If you just purchased the remote, then there should be an insert or manual with a list of remote codes. Simply match the code to your TV brand. If you cannot locate this information, then visit the manufacturer’s website and you should be able to find a digital version of the manual. Some manufacturers may even have a page dedicated to showing the codes for all their universal remotes.