Many homeowners have heard about solar energy and have considered either installing the solar panels themselves or calling in a professional company to do the work. The benefits of installing solar panels include reduced energy costs, the ability to sell power back and the satisfaction of being able to generate your own energy. While there are many DIY kits on the market, this can be a complicated procedure if you don’t have prior experience installing electrical systems. This will cover the basics about expected savings, costs, the installation process and how you can sell power back and make a profit. 

Information. Solar panels have evolved throughout the years to increase energy production and to make DIY projects easier. While installing a large system might be difficult for some, there are some special DIY panels that are plug-and-play to make them simpler to install. When buying a system, be sure to consider how much power you really need. If you intend on powering the whole home, then ensure you purchase enough solar panels to cover peak energy needs. Most states and cities currently don’t require you to be specially licensed in installing solar panels to add them to your home, but be sure to check your local laws as this may change.