For many, a dog is an essential companion, and owning a dog from puppy-hood can be emotionally rewarding. Ownership may be as much as a fifteen-year commitment and should be entered into with care, patience, and research. We’ve all seen popular stories of owners receiving a dog as a gift or taking in a stray on a whim, but a slower, more thoughtful approach will make for a more rewarding experience for both the dog and the owner. 

Puppies for sale or puppies for adoption? Firstly, start with preparation. A potential owner must first conduct an honest self-evaluation. Why do  they want a dog? Do they have the time and space to care for one? Can they afford one? Are there size or breed restrictions in an apartment rental? Are they up for potential damage from an untrained puppy? Will they be prepared for the demands of training and grooming? There’s no shame in the potential owner being unsure of any of these answers, but they should wait to enter into ownership at a time when they can answer with more certainty. A new puppy is a new member of the family, and the decision should be approached with the proper level of gravity.