With the rise of services such as Netflix and Hulu, many people speculate that movie theaters are becoming a thing of the past. However, there are still plenty of people that truly treat going out to see a movie in theaters nearby as an event. Whether it’s seeing an anticipated blockbuster before anyone else, hanging out with friends, or that yummy popcorn, movie nights offer a fun time for most anyone. But with the process of getting tickets, snacks, and picking seats, sometimes going to the theater with a group can seem like preparing for battle rather than a relaxing night out. Here are some tips to make the most out of going to the movies at your local theater. (Including finding local movie listings, new movies that are now playing and the best movie theaters)

Tips for before the movie. When selecting a movie to see, make sure it is the best choice for everyone. If you are planning on taking children along, check the ratings to see if it is appropriate. If the movie you are planning on seeing is very popular, you might want to book your tickets online ahead of time to ensure a seat. Sometimes theaters will even let you reserve the exact seats you want in the theater. Check to see if your local theater has any discounts. Sometimes theaters will offer discounts for college students, senior citizens or veterans. Some chains will have rewards programs that will give credits towards your next movie.