Television is one of the great forms of entertainment. Since its invention, television has helped connect people to the world. It’s allowed people to participate in great moments. People who saw the moon landing through TV can understand the impact of a special moment. Television is going through a truly golden generation. The production quality and writing of television is now through the roof. In many cases it matches the quality of movies. In addition, almost every sporting event you could ever hope to see is being broadcast on TV. 

What’s on TV tonight. It used to be that when people wanted to know what was on television, they would turn to their printed out copy of tv guide and figure it out. Printed listings were the only real way to figure out what was on. Television companies realized this wasn’t very efficient and providers worked to fix it. Channels were introduced where the listings would scroll and you could see what various channels were showing. Eventually modern cable and satellite devices came with a guide function so you could examine what was going to be on at any time. Now, in addition to that, streaming services and recorded TV lets you watch shows almost anytime you want!