To some, squirrels are cute, energetic little creatures scampering around in nature. But if you’ve ever experienced some of the damage squirrels can cause, you might not have such a rosy view of them. Unfortunately, squirrels can be a significant and persistent pest and they reproduce quickly. If not controlled, they’ll create a large population that can cause serious damage to your home and garden. Taking steps to get rid of a squirrel population can take a number of forms. There are professional services available, as well as remedies you’re able to put into place yourself. Sometimes, it will take a combination of techniques to get squirrel removal under control.

Information. Squirrels may look small and harmless, but they can do major damage to a home, garden or both. Probably the most common issue with squirrels is that they have a propensity for getting into the attics of houses. Squirrels are able to gnaw through plastic, wood and other materials. They can slip through tiny holes to gain access to the interior. Once inside, squirrels can cause harm in a number of ways. Squirrels are known for gnawing through wiring and also chew through insulation. Any furniture or items in your attic is also vulnerable. They’ll do damage to your attic’s exterior as well. Outside, squirrels are one of the worst pests if you’re growing certain kinds of gardens. They eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables, and are nimble climbers able to get just about anywhere they want. It’s almost impossible to keep a squirrel away from a food source it’s interested in.