The mineral Iron is a vital part of our nutrition as our body needs it to carry oxygen to the blood. Certain natural foods provide the best source of this vital mineral for the quickest and most efficient absorption. Since Iron is often so important, many people choose to use daily multi vitamins or supplements to ensure they get enough iron in the body. However, that’s not the best way. The best way is to just get the iron needed through food intake. Let’s discuss some natural food sources of Iron and its relationship to our body.

If you are pregnant, iron is vital to you and your baby’s good health. Even if you have sufficient iron levels in your body, often additional iron is recommended to help cover the needs of the fetus. Athletic women that require strenuous use of muscles, need plenty of oxygen to the muscle tissue to perform at their peak levels in training and competition. Eating iron-rich foods is a way to ensure you are getting the amounts of this mineral you really need to stay at your best.