A vacuum food sealer is an important part of many homes today. With so much emphasis on freshness, these machines are becoming more commonplace. How do they work? A vacuum sealer draws the air out of a plastic storage bag or container and seals it tightly in order to prevent any air from getting in. However, when storing items that are soft or juicy, it’s a good idea to freeze them for several hours before vacuum sealing them. Failing to freeze these items first could cause them to become crushed or lose their juices during the process of vacuum sealing.

What is a vacuum sealer? A vacuum food sealer is a machine that vacuums and seals. The main function is to preserve food, but it’s possible to use the machine for other products as well. A vacuum is a place with no air, which means there is no oxygen. Food spoilage is the result of the food combining with oxygen. The removal of oxygen from food will allow it to maintain freshness much longer. A vacuum sealer removes the air from a plastic bag in which there is food a person wishes to preserve.