It’s very simple and easy to get cash from the gifts cards you’ve received that you don’t want. Oftentimes, people receive gift cards as birthday and Christmas presents, or just from friends as a gesture of goodwill. There are also many avenues to win gift cards and receive them that way. The problem is that gift cards are often limited to the store that they’re purchased from; somewhere you might not even care much about or want to shop from. What if you would rather have spendable cash to use elsewhere? There are several ways that you can opt to go in if that’s what you’re looking for.

How to get cash from gift cards. It all comes down to what’s available to you where you live. In most cases, it’s as easy as going through the services of a Gift Card Exchange kiosk. Those are usually identified by their yellow color. To use one of these machines, simply check the balance of your card, take the card to the kiosk, enter the information and review the offer it gives you. You may or may not want to accept the rate. If you do, take the voucher you receive to a cashier. It’s very easy to find a list of the types of cards accepted by kiosks, so scan through whichever one you’ve decided to go with and see if the card you have is accepted by them.