A lot of people often wonder if it is possible to get live driving directions to save them time. For those of us wondering about this it is important to go over the many ways to get live driving directions from different service providers. Well, spoiler alert, it is definitely possible to get live driving directions to save time. Getting live driving directions in order to save time on your journey is typically as simple as downloading an app on a phone, going to a website or owning an integrated vehicle location service built in by the manufacturer or a 3rd party. These portable devices range in price and size, and there are even many different options in terms of quality of directions and size of device depending on your desired outcome. Some devices which provide live directions are cheaper than others, and some are better quality.

Best places to get driving directions. Rather than being a physical place to get driving directions, the “places” to get directions are more from apps and devices themselves than physical stores. Some of these digital places are more suited towards live directions than others, and they can give varying rates of speed in live directions. Some of the places which offer live directions on mobile phones include the Google Maps app, the Maps app on iOS (Apple) devices, the Waze app, the Mapquest app, Copilot GPS and inRoute.