Popular diaper brands. The three biggest names in disposable diapers are Huggies, Pampers, and Luvs. There are several eco-friendly brands of diapers such as Seventh Generation, The Honest Company, Earth’s Best, and Babyganics. Eco-friendly diapers claim to be better for the environment and often contain natural ingredients such as essential oils, organic cotton, and sustainable wood pulp. Eco-friendly diapers can be more expensive but some parents choose them because they are biodegradable and can sometimes be better for babies with sensitive skin. Mainstream diapers can contain ingredients that parents wish to avoid such as chlorine, petroleum, latex, and fragrances. No matter which disposable brand you choose, diapers come in sizes from Preemie to size 6 and are based on weight. There are also overnight diapers, designed to keep your child dry even overnight, and swim diapers.